Author: Myia campbell


I have been working non stop for the past few months and had so many responsibilities that a 18 yr old shouldn’t have to worry about. This drawing is called November. That was one of the most saddest months of the 2016 year. I had to deal a lot of things. I am not a really good communicator, I am afraid to admit really. Because I am a Psy major I should know how to already. But hey I am Young you live and you learn right?  

Hello Again

I am finally using my blog again. I had so much hardship the last month it was kinda hard for me to even grasp what was going on. I am not sure if i want to talk in other post but I will probably make poems or stuff for the drawing. But here you go for this one.Take care

Spring is almost over

The beautiful colors and smells of spring is almost to an end. Like some wise man said “some good things must come to an end.” I have always enjoyed looking at the warm colors of spring and it gives me a sense of presence.To live in the moment and never look back at the awful things that go around in our world. Just remember to take life one step at a time and look around you. The world around us is a very  beautiful place.You can find various ways to learn how to enjoy the last days of spring. The best way to enjoy spring!! Smell the beautiful flowers that blossom and bloom during spring. So many different kinds blossom and bloom that makes me so very happy. I love seeing vibrant yellows and deep and rich greens. Take a photo opportunity and shoot some really great flowers. Sharing is truly caring. Don’t you want others to take a look at how wonderful spring is? Post those bad boys pics on your social media. Or …