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Hello everyone I am back with another post!! today’s drawing is about seeking God and having a thirst for his wonderful mercy. I lately have been experimenting joy with more ink concepts and I can say I really enjoy inks. I think I will make it my medium. I am probably going to buy more of the acrylic ink in different colors. But the scripture for today is Mathew 5:6 Blessed are those who hunger for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied. Keep seeking you guys!!!


Hello world, its been a while since I have been apart of the online community. I took a break from the world because I was in desperate need for some quiet time.  But now that I have rejoined society I have decided to show you all of the supplies I use to create my art. I will include links to where you can get them as well.

#1 is my PrismaColor erase pencils 

I use these to sketch underneath all my drawings. The red and blue pencils are my favorite. I like to sketch in color because it gives me the creative space to create something in color to help me put everything together.

#2 is my Daler-Rowney® FW Acrylic Artists’ Ink

I bought these at Micheal’s a few days ago and I am in love with these. The Gold is so vibrant and the black is so deep and rich. There are no weird bubbles or smears with these. They dry quick enough for you to not to ruin your work because you want to work on something close to what you inked but slow enough for you to work the color together to achieve the desired thickness of strokes.

#3 Artist-loft paintbrushes 

There is no particular reason why I use the brushes it’s just that they are cheapest professional brushes to buy. These brushes are super affordable and lightweight to use. I mainly use them for inking portraits. I am still trying to figure out how to paint in acrylic.

#4 Golden acrylic paint 

I am still trying to paint in acrylic. So, you see I have been sketching portrait for a while but I haven’t done anything in acrylic  in a long while. the only experience with them is in high and middle school. But I knew these where the best ones to buy that where professional so here you go.

#5 Liquitex Acrylic Glazing Medium

I heard it was better to use mediums in painting rather than just using plain water so I got this bad boy. I wanted to get a medium where you can a two for one deal. Varnishing a painting is like putting a protective barrier in you painting to make sure the colors pop as well as don’t dull out as time goes on.

#6  CONDA 8×10 inch Canvas Panels 

If I am trying to paint something I like to paint on a flat surface kinda like paper because I am most comfortable with a flat surface when drawing. I also can’t for the life of me draw anything bigger than 9×12 paper so the closest thing I could find that was affordable at the time was the 8×10 but now I kinda want to go up in size. I will after I finish these.

#7 XL Mix Media Pad, 7″X10″ Side Wire

I love Canson sketchbooks so you will be seeing a lot of this soon. The quality of this paper is really sturdy and smooth. I would recommend this to anyone.

#8 ProArt Hardbound Sketchbooks

I can’t say that these are the best because they are not. The only thing that I would recommend to use these is their intended purpose sketching only.  For witch they work well, and is cheap.

#9 Gelly roll Metallic Gel Ink Pen 

I use this for hair and highlights. I like these they are very pigmented and bright. Highly recommend these to anyone.

#10 BIC® Marking Permanent Marker Fine Point Multicolor 36ct

I bought these on sale and I have to say these are pretty good quality. I like these for fun sketches but I wouldn’t recommend this as a Copic replacement.

#11 Random gel pens from the dollar store

There isn’t much to say about these I just bought them because I was waiting on the Gelly roll pens.

#12 Prismacolor ink pens

I started out using these when I wanted to get really dark lines, but they dry out pretty fast so don’t leave the top off for more than a minute if not using them right away.

#13 Pigma® Micron® Archival Black Ink Pen

I most definitely prefer these over the Prismacolor pens. They are way more pigmented and dark in color. They are so exceptionally nice. I love drawing in ink more than any other medium.

#14 Canson® XL® Recycled Bristol Pad

I usually use Canson pads for big finished pieces. I like this paper because you can take each sheet of paper out or keep it in as a finished book if you would like.

And that is it!!! I hope you liked this post and have a wonderful day or night!!! Don’t forget to follow my personal Instagram as well as my art Instagram!!!’

Pour Out Your Heart

I called this particular piece of artwork Pour Out Your Heart because It has a lot of symbolism. When we go though tough situations in life and everything seems like it is falling apart we have to get on our knees and pour all the emotions out. I used to bottle up all of my emotions but that never made me feel better. I wanted to seem strong for other people but sometimes you have to take a step back and say “hey I really feel like crap and I need to let someone know how I feel”.  And the best person do that with is the Lord!!! Because he is the only person willing to actually listen to your whole cry for help!!!



Gods armor

I called this Armor of because when you are a child of God so many things are going to come at you. But, you have to be strong and endure the pain so you can get the full blessings of the lord!! Ephesians 6:10-11